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Skin finish tanning IS for everyone and for every occasion. From a light sparkle to a sun-kissed glow or even a bronzed tan there is a perfect shade for every skin tone and every event. Le Luxe Skin Finish has been trusted by many clients such as models, celebrities, and influencers to obtain the perfect natural tan. Our meticulous attention to detail, individualized care, and luxury service has achieved consistent experience with A-list events, professional photoshoots, weddings, and vacations.


Our mission at Le Luxe Skin Finish is to enhance your confidence by creating a customized color. Not everyone’s skin tone is the same and neither should your tan. We believe that it's more than just tanning, it’s about skin care. Which is why all of our products are FREE of parabens, chemicals, animal products, alcohol, dyes, formaldehyde, and sodium sulfate. They are non-comedogenic, vegan, gluten-free, and NEVER tested on animals. Our products use DHA (Dihydroxyacetone), a tanning ingredient derived from plant sources and FDA approved. It is our passion to provided natural products to ensure a healthy lifestyle choice and skin care options for everyone.

Jessica Johnston 



Jessica Johnston has over eight years of experience as a skin finish artist in Los Angeles, New York, and Indiana.  Her background in painting and art has given her an edge on techniques to create the perfect tan, and her eye for color and tone allows her to create a natural and flawless, sun-kissed shade. Jessica’s commitment to excellence has made her the most desired skin finish artist.

Anyone who has worked with Jessica can contest her love of artistry, attention to detail, and desire to make the client feel at their best. Her warm personality and energized spirit make the experience feel like you are with an old friend. Jessica is passionate when it comes to health and using natural and organic products, which is why she provides only the best for her clients.

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